Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

It really monkey money

Arriving in Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia can be seen for the first time is filled with traffic or in other words, traffic jams have become a routine part of ± 8-9 million migrant workers that make Jakarta as the economic center.

Jakarta, with a population density is no longer providing welfare for migrant workers to ensure that the social impact is not just for the kind of education that do not work.

In general, poverty is defined as the condition which is not a person or group of individuals capable of fulfilling their fundamental rights to maintain and develop a life of dignity. A very broad definition that poverty is multidimensional problem, which is why it is not easy to measure poverty and the need for an agreement of measurement used. (Source BPS Jakarta. 2011)

Almost all works have been fulfilled and they no longer provide many opportunities for working class workers, but it also suggests that Jakarta is not a city that is friendly to the newcomers, although perhaps the original inhabitants. You can see how the Jakarta traffic is more and more jammed and the costs of the cause to be larger by a single worker to reach their place of work.

Means of transport are not yet handled properly to make all the rules on transport as rules stay rules, but did not show a clear improvement in their direction. Policies of local governments which are less favourable environment joins the poor of this city, as the poor drainage, or not traders "
kaki lima"(illegal traders) location, in addition to telecommunications across peer teams main roads and others

With the offer of knowledge to be able to conquer Jakarta alone is not enough to earn revenues that could make the happier life. Still needs another skill that can be supported to achieve a good income, as Jakarta, with a level of high density of the basic needs of high-impact for its citizens

Stevedoring employee (source: vivanews.com Saturday, August 6, 2011) assumes that wages are very small, because only paid Rp73 thousand per shift or the equivalent of $. 7 United States. It's not as if the employee, to buy food for yourself, as this may be given to his family. Different types and methods to earn income from persons seeking work as an employee of a public authority or private course, which is supported by an adequate education.

And how do who have no education? The road to take is to create jobs or to use these skills, motorcycle, using motorcycles as a means of transport of passengers, workers, became an artist, or the use of animals as supplementary feeding for recycling money.

If passes the General Sudirman Street before is Games was officially opened in October 2011, the main street in Jakarta in the afternoon around 15: 00-18: 00 in the direction towards the Block M from Pulo Gadung Bus Terminal clover in front of the structure of the bridge on the sidewalk along the way you will be presented with a small show in which a young people and even children with the help of a team of oil in addition to music Mono tape voice command to give a monkey to act according to the address that gave you.

Behavior of the animals who have been trained monkeys to use their equipment for performe and remain shackled by their owners, and handed me a wrapper of empty plastic for pedestrians and cyclists and cars shed 10 cents coin to change who has shown the ability of the monkey.

A monkey without apparent hours of work have given power to his master in exchange for fruits or vegetables, as a reward for giving money to his master. And a monkey could feed a family, because it is usually a child that is automatically converted on your computer at work will give money to their parents.

So you can imagine a monkey as a cash cow for at least 2-3 people who care. When Jakarta as a metropolitan area there are dozens or even hundreds of monkeys trained monkeys as the animals were destined to feed to a few tens or even hundreds of people who depend on income from monkeys, but this is not an investigation of it. It is unique in achieving the right to live life in Jakarta and the monkeys that fight for himself, also fought for the man who chained the setting that says that it is really the monkeys of money,

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