Rabu, 29 September 2010


Sentence is meaningful broad why is that? Yes freedom is a gift given by God to man for the expression of oneself and the environment. Freedom can mean doing something without much resistance either from yourself or from outside himself.

While reading his book, Robert T. Kiyosaki, then freedom is defined in a more-Specific area of freedom about it financially, which in turn can give to the person who has entered this stage to be able to enjoy the life he wants for example, people who have entered the area of financial freedom can do things that people others do not do in terms of determining the date and time to relax, work, or whatever you want done.

The next question of freedom what you want to do? But remember the more open our minds about the meaning of freedom, the more we feel how narrow or confined area that can be entered. Why? yes in the end we will find where the other people who also have the freedom to not break us.

So, freedom does require accountability from themselves to respect the freedom of others, as well as financial freedom cannot be translated at random because it also requires its own strategy.(English Version - Kebebasan)

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