Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Barack Obama

Barack Obama, in the early 70s Jakarta is a place where these presidential candidates have been memorable. Because marriage is a mama who makes a small Obama become familiar with the culture of Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

Obama and family residence time is not really the main dwelling. Houses which they occupy is really just an annex of the main house occupied by the owner ie Tata Aboe Bakr, a retired Army Navy 1981. Barry who was then aged 9 years was a lively child and has a pet white poodle. At that time lived in the cottage home, at school at SDN 01 Menteng Barry Besuki Street, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Barry was smart in Indonesian language. It seems he is more fluent in Indonesia compared to her mother.

Not much known or recorded in the history of Obama's trip in Jakarta unless he loves to play with other friends who love to eat fried rice.

AFTER three years of living in Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, in the early 1970s with little Barry's family finally moved into a cottage house in Jalan Taman Amir Hamzah No. 22, Pegangsaan Village, Menteng District, Central Jakarta. Ann Darling-Lolo Marriage does not last long, only about five years. In 1974, Ann returned to Honolulu. His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro - died on March 2, 1993.

Memory or the memory of Obama lived in Jakarta today as when he lived in still has not changed much, so if you want to see Barry's childhood came why you do not remember a lot of direct and cheap lodging for a visit to Jakarta.

Adapted from various sources

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